Story & Voice offers expert marketing advisory services to business leaders and key decision makers who are looking to launch or improve their marketing efforts. Whether the focus be to kickstart marketing and communications efforts, build brand awareness, formalize your business development or lead generation strategy, or to showcase industry expertise/thought leadership, Story & Voice provides dynamic, collaborative expertise to help reach your goals. The unique combination of passion and experience in global marketing strategy, creative, branding, content and technology across multiple industries allows for a custom approach to each company’s needs by understanding the business goals and competitive environment and matching them with executable campaigns to build businesses.
Nikki Innocent

Nikki founded Story & Voice with the goal of supporting passionate business leaders looking to grow their company’s reach and impact by providing marketing advisory services cultivated over 10+ years of experience at top tier organizations within various industries including management consulting, financial services, advertising and biotech.

Our Process

Engagements follow this framework with the specifics of each stage customized to your needs


 This is the "get to know you phase" where we'll have a brief introductory conversation about your organization, your goals and your marketing needs.

Exploration & Scoping

Following the Consultation phase, we'll spend time gathering information to fully form the plan for your marketing efforts moving forward.


 Next up, we'll implement key strategic marketing initiatives and bring prioritized campaigns to life.

Ongoing Coaching

 Our support continues after the completion of Implementation via customized coaching plans & training where necessary.

Why Choose Story & Voice

Whole Business Approach

We believe that the most effective marketing takes into account all aspects of your organization. In doing so you can be efficient and effective with your efforts to optimize your business practices.

Customized Marketing Solutions

Your company is unique and your marketing solution should be just as unique. We will work together to leverage the best initiatives to make your campaigns sing.

Breaking Through Marketing Paralysis

Do you freeze when you think of tackling marketing for your company? S&V focuses on demystifying key tactics most relevant to your company.